True Riches


Dear Seamus,

Sometimes I feel frustration with the way our society has evolved. We are fed so many illusions about freedom when the reality is, it is just another way to shackle us. We get bombarded with messages about how to make our dreams come true. A hand extends to help you afford a holiday, a new car or even a whole house. You will see advertisements with smiling happy people, excited by their new found material successes. When they dangle the sparkly key to material happiness in front of you, it is the key to your own cage. You have nibbled on the proverbial carrot and you have been captured. When you have the weight of debt hanging over you, the freedoms you thought you were signing up for may well turn out to be your shackles. Many people are forced to work jobs that they don’t even like for the privilege of living in a house or driving a car that the bank owns.

Many people sign a legal document that commits them to a financial institution for a long time, sometimes up to thirty years. This is a long time and let me tell you that your life on the day you signed that contract will not be the same life in the coming years. It is the very nature of life to be ever changing, just like the weather. It may well be a sunny day when you sign up but the weather is changeable. At some stage it will become windy, cloudy and even downright stormy. You may lose your job or become ill. Your possessions can become a burden and you may become desperate to keep them, at any cost. This may put strain on your relationships and your family. It can create terrible anxiety and stress. Before long the dream you bought into will turn into a nightmare. So many people are doing it tough and relying on charities because they are in debt. Sometimes, a bank can be nothing more than a giant corporate factory churning out fictional affluence.

This is why your attitude to money is crucial. Money is just energy, like everything. When you exchange money you are exchanging energy. A well coined phrase (pardon the pun) is that money is the root of all evil. The money itself is not the evil as the money is just energy. When you apply meaning and definition and expectation to that energy, you will begin to run into problems.

There are record profits made every year as a direct result of the financial enslavement of people who are encouraged to buy illusions. The energy of money is taken and used to sell you a mirage. When you discover the truth, you cannot get a refund. If you fall behind your chain will be yanked. At the very least you will be reprimanded and at the worst you will be harassed, hounded and intimidated to repay your debt. This may make you feel less than you are, that you are the debt itself. I feel that money is one of the most misinterpreted and manipulated energy’s in our culture. Capitalism and banking are rotten foundations upon which to build a society and I see signs of them starting to crumble. The global financial crisis of 2008 was only the tip of the iceberg. It was a fiscal emergency created by a handful of people which affected millions of people with its aftershocks.

Imagine if that energy was in the form of compassion or kindness or love. If the profits and huge bonuses given to banking executives were dispersed evenly amongst the people who needed it the most. To me that’s the energy coming full circle.

Let me be the first to tell you that when you seek satisfaction and joy outside of yourself, you have already lost because there is actually nothing to gain. Your happiness is within you. It will not be found in a house, a car, a bigger television or in my case, a coffee maker. I bought a coffee maker not in order to make myself happy, I was already happy when I bought the coffee maker! Don’t be dependent on any object to deliver you happiness and gratification because when it fails to do so, you will be greatly disappointed. Make your relationship with money a loving one. Purchase things with gratitude and detachment, knowing that you don’t need it in order to be happy. This material possession that you are buying is just a little enhancement to your life experience. Just like my coffee, I enjoy it but I don’t rely on it for my happiness. Then you’ll find that money will probably flow in and out of your life with relative ease and you will be content to watch it come and go.

Understand that if all your material possessions were to disappear you will never lose your most valuable asset, your true self. Your real fortune is in your freedom. Build your capital in compassion. Be abundant in altruism. Let your generosity be golden.

Your Father deals in the wonderful commodity of service to others. All through the summer I lost count of the times he rushed out the door to fight huge blazes with the Rural Fire Service. He helped save residents and livestock time and time again. At home he devotes himself to his family. Your Father is bountiful in character and his wealth lies in his dedication to help people.

My biggest treasure is you Seamus, and you are priceless. You are a precious gem purely because you were created. Your purpose is not to accumulate ‘stuff’, your purpose is to be yourself and that is how you will be rich.

“He who is contented is rich” – Lao Tzu


Published by

Melanie Rose Killick

Melanie Rose Killick writes to her baby son Seamus about life, death and the amazing gift of cancer.

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