About Melanie Rose Killick


Melanie Rose Killick was born and bred in New South Wales Australia. As an adult she embraced life as a gypsy and had many jobs and lived in many cities and countries.

When diagnosed in 2008 with breast cancer, she began an intense process of unlearning everything she thought she knew to reveal her true self. Influenced by many teachers and texts, she has found a new way of perceiving the world she lives in.

In 2012 she was blessed with a loving relationship and her little miracle baby, Seamus. A day after his arrival she received a diagnosis of advanced secondary cancer with a dire prognosis. Her firm belief in healing and the intense unconditional love for her son, gives her the courage to ask for wellness in the face of a terminal diagnosis.

She is documenting her experiences, memories, thoughts and feelings in heartfelt letters to her son Seamus.

Melanie currently lives in rural New South Wales Australia, with her husband John and their family, and is enjoying all the contrast that the human experience affords her.


12 thoughts on “About Melanie Rose Killick”

  1. Dear Melanie, What a saga for you and Seamus. I think your rebellious spirit and open attitude will do you well as you balance looking at mortality with both feet firmly planted in this world. If ever there was a good time to be diagnosed with metastatic cancer it is now. I am glad you are finding gifts in this phase of life. I do my best to follow your model and have a blog called livinglydying – we may know how we are (probably) going to die but not when.
    Marcy Westerling

  2. Thanks for following my blog, Melanie. What a journey you are on! Two things that will make you really appreciate life: a terminal diagnosis and a new baby. Wow. I look forward to walking the path with you – thanks for sharing.
    The Other Melanie

  3. Please don’t sell your body short it wants to cure itself. Your attitude is right, now all you need is to give your body what it needs to heal itself. Best of luck.

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