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Hello Friend,


Thank you for visiting the blog. It is indeed a privilege to share the letters to Seamus with you.

I always believed that others might find something for themselves in the letters, which is why I chose the format of a blog.

I have been humbled and grateful for all the feedback, loving comments and support that I receive so frequently. It is incredible to know that bearing my soul to my child is having an incredible ripple affect! It is so beautiful to understand how it touches your heart.

There are several ways to connect with me:

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Twitter : @dearseamus

Email me : OR

I finish now wishing you wellness and sending you love.

Warmest regards,



2 thoughts on “Connect with Melanie”

  1. Dear Melanie,
    My closest people have asked me how I remained so incredibly strong, vulnerable, positive and so on, during my treatment, after being diagnosed with breast-cancer. April 2014 – until today stil undergoing radiation-therapy.
    I somehow found my true-self, my true-strenght, by being connected with a force so strong and universal. All irrelevant bagage somehow vanished. It was like coming home. Knowing the true essence of existence what is important to me. My son who is 14 years old now. I need not say more.
    Thank you for your strength and sharing it.
    I visited NSW/ Bellingen when I was 18 years old and loved every bit of Australia.
    Lots of goodness.
    Claudia / The Netherlands

    1. Lovely Claudia,
      Thank you for your message and sharing some of your story with me.
      You have summed it up with your statement “It was like coming home”. We have come home to ourselves.
      So pleased to know you have visited NSW. I am lucky to live in a beautiful and diverse country.
      Warmest wishes to you and yours,
      Melanie x

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